Young people want to be happy, independent and to succeed in life.

Sometime they encounter issues or life circumstances they struggle to manage, and may fall into unhelpful behaviors or attitudes.

In their desire to be independent, they push back in defiant and oppositional ways that are hard to understand.

Here is how we help.

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Teen and young adult counseling

Does your teen seem sad, angry, or overwhelmed? Are they having difficulty managing anxiety?

Despite having a good relationship together, are they now keeping secrets from you, and you don't know what to do?

We are committed to helping adolescents and young adults improve their self-esteem and confidence, feel less depressed or anxious, learn to manage frustration and anger, make self-affirming choices and end self-defeating behaviors.

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substance abuse counseling

Substance use and abuse rarely happens in isolation. Often it is a symptom of other issues, concerns or challenges that might be overwhelming or just hard to handle.

As a specialist in adolescent substance use and mental health, Jeff respects and values the whole person rather than simply focusing on the "problem."

Together we work to return to balance emotionally, physically and spiritually.


EMDR for trauma

Sometimes we have had difficult life experiences that have been particularly challenging.

We call these experiences "trauma" because how the mind remembers them impacts our day-to-day life even though the event is past.

EMDR is an evidence-based, highly effective approach to resolving traumatic memories and processing past experiences.

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Family Counseling

Family counseling provides a safe and supportive space to address issues which may lead to miscommunication, power struggles, isolation/shutting down, oppositional behavior or family conflict.

We work together to develop coping strategies for difficult feelings and learn healthy ways of communicating our needs to others within the family.

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Parent Coaching

If you are finding yourself running out of patience, tools or energy for parenting your teen, parent coaching can help.

Often when a young person is resistant to coming to therapy themselves, it is very helpful as parents to collaboratively explore new approaches, a fresh perspective and receive support!

Jeff is LBGTQIA inclusive, and we welcome individuals and families of all religions, cultures and sexual orientations.