You didn’t think it would be this hard.




It is hard to feel confident all the time.

It is hard having emotions that are difficult or confusing — anxiety, depression, sadness, frustration, anger, or being overwhelmed.

No matter how hard you try, it feels like you just can’t get it right.

It sucks to feel like you have to be perfect while just wanting to be yourself.

We don’t know where to turn, what will help, or who to talk to,

and we can wind up feeling alone, discouraged and stuck.

The good news is you don’t have to do this alone.

You and I together, we can learn how to cope

To discover healthy ways to handle emotions

To connect with the people you care about

To face up to your fears with courage and confidence

To embrace your goals and how to achieve them

To feel valued and worthy as YOU, without changing a thing.

Together, we can help you to THRIVE.

“I told my parents that having Jeff as my therapist is the greatest gift they could ever have given me. With Jeff’s help I was able to work through my depression, and I appreciate myself a lot more. I have much more confidence in my ability to handle difficult times when they come up.”
— 21 y.o. male client

When teens feel overwhelmed, it is challenging to feel confident and happy.

Being overwhelmed and stressed can look like anxiety, depression, defiance, and acting like they don’t care.

Drug and alcohol abuse, getting lost in their phone, video gaming addiction, skipping school, and isolating are all ways young people try to manage their feelings, and they become distressed when it doesn’t really help.

They stay stuck, and being stuck is painful.



Jeff has supported hundreds of young people discover their best selves.

When teens feel confident and connected, they relax into being fully who they are.

When teens feel free to be themselves, their REAL selves, their strengths and personality naturally flourish.

They get unstuck, discover motivation and become whole. Through being whole and authentic they can thrive.

Jeffrey Peyton, LPC

“When I started working with Jeff, I was having really bad panic attacks. I was feeling hopeless and depressed because I just couldn’t get my emotions under control. It was awful and scary. Jeff was so great! He really understood what I was going through, but also encouraged me to take the steps I needed to take to manage my life. Things can still be hard sometimes, but I feel capable of managing so much more now!”
— 16 y/o female client
“Jeff is my kind of therapist! When I was having something difficult going on, he really respected me and trusted I had the intelligence and ability to make my own decisions in my life. When my choices weren’t so great, he was non-judgmental and helped me get clear about my thinking and perspective. I really trusted him and all the ways he supported me! I nearly always left my sessions feeling more hopeful, understood and that I could manage my life.”
— 18 y/old male client